Qatar BJJ and Desert Force

For those of you who know me you’ll know I’m based in Qatar a small Emirate in the Gulf. BJJ unlike in Abu Dhabi has little if any support from the sporting authorities and much of what has been established has been down to the committed few – well done – you know who you are.

Is BJJ in Qatar taking hold? I’m not quite sure if it is in Qatar itself but for sure with the introduction of Desert Force there has been more interest across the region with BJJ being an integral part of the caged fighting scene. Looking forward I can see Iraqi BJJ or Qatar BJJ or Saudi BJJ becoming more popular as they’re seen as an alternative to knocking people out in the cage – which to date has been quite rare.

Let’s hope more local people in the region find BJJ entertaining and it takes off in the same way as Abu Dhabi – check out some of the old videos we took back in the day ……