BJJ Neck Injury

Neck Problems in BJJ

Neck Injury

I’ve had a stiff neck for the past 4 weeks and its been a bummer. I’ve tried stretching and relaxing and everything except for not training !! Anyway worked out the official name for this is a cervical strain/sprain. the main thing is to facilitate healing using techniques that one can do without specialist health. Of course see a doctor of your in some serious pain but if its stiffness and tightness in the muscles you’re probably ok to try these few things ( but see a doctor anyway do the following at your own risk  that’s my disclaimer 🙂 ).

After  a neck strain/sprain, the muscles in the neck will often become tight, guarding the affected area and limiting motion and mobility. Now anything that can be done to relieve muscle tension, improve range of motion, and promote blood circulation to the affected area, is going to help the healing process.

Manual Cervical Traction – helps to create space and relieve tight muscles, pinched nerves and realign the spine How to do it – 1) Lie down on your back and place a folded (lengthwise) hand towel under the head. Rear part of your skull that rounds out away from your neck. 2. Have a friend gently pull the towel straight towards them – I sometimes just pull the head myself but not sure if this is the best way. Try to get them to hold the position for at least 3 minutes. 3. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times per-day or until you feel some relief. I get results from this in minutes.

Hydrotherapy Soak in a bath with Epsom salts – not tried this but used to do this when I had a bit of RSI works wonders for tight muscles and the magnesium soaks in through the skin which helps with inflammation etc..

Stretching stretching and stretching !!!

Food and water play a big part of the whole recovery process – I realised I was pretty dehydrated – not good for the joints, flexibility, recovery but especially the spine. Watch what you eat and make sure you have a lot of fruit – there are a lot of anti inflammatory compounds in them and they help you to stay hydrated – I should also mention make sure you are getting enough protein since your ligaments, muscles and tendons are all make up of it.

Safe rolling to you all. Until next time.