How to Make A Grappling Dummy For BJJ

Now this project was big…. the wife and kids were away and I had a ton of other stuff to do but I always envied the other BJJ guys on the amount of time they had free – or made free – to go train – so I made a decision to make a grappling dummy – as silly as it sounds !!! I’d found a few on the web that I could order but I didn’t really have the cash to spare ad there wasn’t anywhere local that sold them –

Anyway I got going and it took me a whole week to do – check out all the pictures on Flickr

Click here to see the complete building process !

This is what I’ve come up with and I hope it helps you make your own grappling dummy for BJJ drilling ! You can vary the size and put extra padding in – something I did for the body (basically a broken suitcase wrapped around it and the padded out with an old rug) – side control etc.. will hurt like crazy if you don’t put some padding on it. You might want to also take a look at the famous El Jefe BJJ grappling dummy he must be a black belt by now !

Update – I’m selling a few on the site if you can’t be bothered doing all the above…!! I don’t blame you – BJJ drilling is essential so if you don’t have a partner this is one way to get the reps in !

Search for a Dummy on my site !