The Grappling Creed – Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin really shines once yu start digging under the surface – as part of the grappling creed he says:

“I believe that the mind of a Grappler contains the Greatest of all forces…..

I believe in the I DO, as well as the I AM. I know that the grappler who will take advantage of the Power of the Mind, and who will manifest that power in action, will go forward to SUCCESS as surely and as steadily as the arrow from the bow of a skilled archer……

I believe in the Brotherhood of Grappling. I believe in being Kind. I believe in everyone minding his own business – and allowing everyone else the same privilege. I believe that we have no right to condemn—”let a Grappler who is without sin cast the first stone.” I believe that a Grappler who Hates is an assassin; that a Grappler who Covets is a thief; a grappler who Lusts is an adulterer; that the gist of a crime is in it’s desire.”