The Haters – Talking C**p and Spreading It

According to The Online Slang Dictionary, the definition of a hater is as follows: Hater (noun):

A person who disapproves of something

A person who is jealous

One who “player hates” that is – disapproves of players

A person who criticizes something

Examples include: “Tyler is always gets more ….” “Man, my idea is great! Why you always gotta be a hater”

The reason I’m talking about haters because I think more and more people both on and off the web are becoming either BJJ haters or haters in BJJ. Who knows why people “hate” and really, who cares?

We need to check ourselves to make sure we don’t end up becoming haters by listening to the haters. How do you know if you’re a hater? let’s not over complicate this, if you’re a hater, then just stop.

Find out if you or anyone you know is a hater – seriously the list below is a criteria I’ve discovered about hating in BJJ :-

1. You brag about who you tapped out and how: Yep this one has be at the top of the list you tell everyone “he never tapped me !” ” I choke him like ” “He was screaming like a baby”. There is a modest way to talk about your training and to try to brag either about not getting tapped or tapping is simply ego focused.  Stay modest people, bragging and talking s**t is hating!

2. You question someones belt: Accept it belts are based on multiple factors many of which are different for different instructors. Who are you to judge if someone is deserving ? For sure you will have your own thoughts on what they probably need work on but only their instructor decides. Silence is the best policy.

3. You see anyone who is not from your club as public enemy no. one: what a bad idea this is. BJJ world is a small and if you train long enough you will have friends at different academies. Some people you know may open their own BJJ club. When it’s time to compete or hard training, we go to war but at the end of the day its an art of respect.

4. You talk shit and spread the hate: Everywhere we go online or off we leave a footprint. There are many BJJ teachers and students who have made comments on others which are not very endearing….its one thing to hype up a competition but to stain your coaches character or another member of your team on forums or with your teams mates is just not on – and more than likely you don’t know the individual that well anyway. I think most haters try to get loud, online or offline – people listen and remember and ultimately they lose respect so you only end up losing. Just get on with it – make a decision to stop hating !

Just keep rolling.